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The mysteries of good literature aren't revealed all at once. Access the wonders of loons and books about them.

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About Loons

Loons are birds. They have a great ability in both swimming and diving. They have short bodies with spear-like beaks and blood-red eyes that set them apart. They have a unique call that happens frequently during the early summer.

In North America, the most abundant type of loon is the "Common Loon." However, in other parts of the world there is the red-throated, pacific, arctic, and yellow-billed loon.

The reason why the loon is selected for many books is because it represents the wildness and openness of the north. With many of us stuck in an increasingly urbanized culture, yearn for from the depths of our souls.

Loon Facts

  • Loons heading south have been seen flying at rates of above 70 mph.
  • Over a 15-week period, loon parents and their two chicks are estimated to consume around a half-ton of fish.
  • The oldest common loon of known age in the world is 25 years old named ABJ

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Secrets of the Loon

By Laura Purdie Salas

Little Loon

By Fran Hodgkins

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